Shopping Complex
All-Year Promotion

Client: The Duke Shopping Mall
The Challenge:
To create interesting visuals in order to appeal to an audience who is constantly being bombarded by marketing material.
The Solution:
We approached this by opting for a clean and neat advertising design strategy and a clever headline to make sure the audience is intrigued. Separate campaigns were set up for different occasions. However, the design style and formatting were kept consistent throughout, making it possible for the customer to relate the visuals to one another through a similarity in the design style.
Event Posters
Radio Spots
Radio Promo Female The Duke Shopping Mall Valentine's Campaign
Radio Promo Male The Duke Shopping Mall Valentine's Campaign

The Christmas campaign stands out the most, as being the most popular with children. A magical telephone booth was set up in the middle of the shopping complex where all things magical can happen. The phone rings…It’s Santa calling the children all the way from the North Pole. Kids can expect a gift which magically appears from under the telephone set. The booth can also light up, produce snow, and play songs.

Santa’s booth behind the scenes
Promotional Products