PR & Copywriting

In an age where social media haven taken over the world and every person can be a publisher, at Keen, we understand that content creation is an essential key factor to winning the game.

A business which yearns to flourish and thrive is clamouring for attention and approval, needs to narrate the right story at the right time in the right style and tone and format….

Through our PR services, our marketers and copywriters, work on content marketing in order to get others talking about you and, in turn, make your business flourish. We aim to create relevant content to get you more coverage for your brand.

Our team in Malta understands the need to create content towards which audiences are automatically attracted and are keen to share and to be identified with.  At Keen, we recognise your company’s potential and publicly shout it from the rooftops of all online and offline media channels, whether it is an article in a magazine or a blog post posted on your website.

We have the remarkable expertise to bring the spotlight on you. We might suffer from the occasional writer’s block, but our team of content writers will definitely produce a work of art – and it is not just pretty words, but content that actually delivers. At Keen, we are passionate about the power of the written word and once we put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboards, a river of creativity flows. Whatever copywriting you need, we can write for you and guarantee powerful headlines that readers will not ignore. Whether you need a blog post written for your website, a newsletter, press releases, or just general content we have all the tools necessary to suit your needs.  Public Relations is still very much alive in the digital age.

And it’s not only about words –it’s also about visual content. At Keen, we can give your content a new dimension by adding infographics, images, animations, cartoons and illustrations – we create and we design.

Since we also provide Search Engine Services, content creation is also fuelled by SEO exercises that provide the right keywords that customers use on search engines. Our content marketing strategy will also include content calendaring, where new content is launched over a span of time and repurposed for different platforms.