Web Design

Web design is about creating a self-service experience that is intuitive and appealing enough to use and delivers what is promises without frustrating the user.

Web design and Web development go in hand in hand because web developers alone cannot serve the customer who needs to understand and interact with an interface. Through conceptual, creative thinking we develop a design that is far more than aesthetically pleasing. At Keen, we believe that the design is supposed to capture the hearts and establish an intellectual connection with consumers.  Our job is to articulate your brand’s message so this spark can occur.

As a web design agency located in Malta,  our web design solutions, and web design services are a blend of creativity and smart user-friendly approach. We know that Mobile applications and websites that have poor design will not be used as much as those that have been designed with user-friendliness in mind. In web design, it is all about making the journey of the user straightforward and easy.

To come up with successful web design solutions, our web designers will conduct business analyses, understand the users and the target audience and add our innovative ideas and artistic vision. Our team at Keen, is comprised of web designers and web developers that together provide full services of a web agency, starting from simple presentational sites to complex informational portals in multiple languages or advanced e-business shopping sites. An interface isn’t just a façade, it’s an experience. And in the digital space, the graphical user experience (GUI) is where your brand delivers on its promise. If you have a great brand that stands for quality, you cannot afford a cheap website that frustrates the customer!  This is where one’s professional web design becomes the cornerstone of a successful story. At Keen, we know that great experiences support the branding process, help build brand recognition, inspire brand loyalty, generate repeat visits and ultimately drive business and result in positive reviews.

We capitalize on your audiences’ behaviours and needs to design interfaces that are simple, efficient and satisfying. Technology has become a portable affair, ranging from different devices and different screen sizes. Up to some time ago, most websites were not designed to be used on a small screen device and this lead to clients being frustrated when accessing websites on smart devices. At Keen, all our work is based on responsive web design. This means providing the user with specific content suited for his/her specific screen size. This ensures that websites are designed in a way that gives the user a positive experience on different devices, be they PC or laptops and mobile devices. Mobile apps are build with responsive designs that bring your brand straight to the consumers’ fingertips. Understanding and embracing new web technology has always been at the very core of our marketing capabilities as a web development agency.

Responsive web design is driving online business growth as most of the visitors’ not only access websites via mobile phones but also transact via mobile devices. This is echoed by Google, which penalises those websites that are not geared to provide a good mobile experience. Through our years of experience developing mobile responsive websites, we feel we can offer the in–depth knowledge required to engage and influence the digital audience.