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As a digital agency, we at Keen believe that any successful SEO campaign begins with a comprehensive web analysis and understanding of the target market.

Does Your Website Need More Customers?

Increase exposure:

Nowadays, Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial aspect for any business that wants to compete and rise on top of the search engines rankings. This is especially relevant for businesses that are dependent on online exposure. Through the use of various SEO tactics, our SEO Experts at Keen Malta, have gained extensive experience in both on-page and off-page search engine optimisation.

Improve website conversion:

Our SEO experts will start by conducting a website audit. Our SEO services cover aspects such as looking in-depth at the construction and structure of a website and highlighting any issues that might hold the website from reaching the top of search engine ranking. Our experts identify these obstacles and issues which are impeding the website to excel and introduce corrective search engine optimisation tips and measures and backend enhancements that might be deemed necessary. We will improve the organic search traffic meaning that we understand your target audience and what information they are searching for.

Keyword research:

The website audit is conducted in conjunction with keyword research, where our SEO experts will identify the most relevant keywords used by clients in search engines along with other details such as the volume of monthly searches on search engines using that specific keyword and the buyer intent of those keywords. Another aspect that is done as part of the SEO Service is the analysis of traffic for the website to identify from where the visitors are coming. We will also reverse engineer competitor’s websites to help improve the client’s SEO strategy.

Our team in Malta, will also focus on off-site Search Engine Optimisation efforts. Content is specify created as part of a Social Media and Digital PR plan in order to help the website be more widely known. The more relevant the content is, the more likely it is to be shared online. Our outreach link building campaign will help any website reach the top of search engines.

As part of our standard SEO packages, we provide our clients with regular monitoring and progress reports. This helps our clients’ gauge how they are ranking for specific keywords from month to month.

Grow your customer base:

Whilst social media may be more vital for the company image, organic SEO in many ways remains the foundation of your online presence. Without organic SEO in place, consumers will have a very hard time finding you and will instead find your competitors. SEO is a very dynamic and complex area requiring dedication, regular content distribution, and keeping up to date with Google’s algorithm. Few are the companies that can afford to have a dedicated SEO expert inside their own marketing team. This is why outsourcing Search Engine Optimisation to our team is a good idea. Besides the key SEO actions, we may assist with enhancements in Web design and Web development, Content creation, Social Media Management and much more.

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