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At Keen, we have been implementing SEO and digital marketing campaigns for our clients since 2006. If you are unhappy with the amount of customers you are getting from your website, keep reading.

Search Engine Optimization Done Right.

SEO is made up of many different deliverables. We cover all the different aspects of an effective SEO campaign and implement what is working NOW not what was working last year.
We give you access to our project management for you to follow along with tasks being implemented to improve the rankings and visibility of your website. During your SEO campaign, whether it is local or national, we will perform over 140 different tasks.
You will get weekly rankings report to track progress. Not only that, we will set up Google tag manager, Google analytics, Google webmaster tools and Google data studio for your business website. You can now track customer insights i.e all sources of traffic coming to your website,

Without data you cannot understand your visitors and it will be virtually impossible to improve your digital marketing campaigns and leverage the power of search engines like Google.


You will be given access to your website’s SEO campaign project management

What our clients are saying about us...

I have been an SEO client of Joevren at Keen for over a year now. They employ a very strategic approach to new projects and always brings great results. Joevren goes above and beyond to ensure that top rankings are maintained and website traffic increases. Leads and sales have increased dramatically over the past year. Thank you for all your great work!
Dharmesh Patel
Excellent client-supplier relationship, working even from overseas. We've worked with KEEN for over 10 years, from design for pre-press, imprint, web development to SEO. Our recent discovery, of SEO with KEEN, has revolutionised the way we work, generating new and added business opportunities while at the same time having the support of professionals who know what they are doing. KEEN is excellent to work with all over. Highly recommended especially for those who are always on the go and want professional results.
Marion Zammit
Marketing Manager
I have been making use of the services of Keen for the past 12 years. Over these years, John on behalf of his company Keen Ltd, has built another 3 websites for my company, with another two websites presently under construction. Keen's design and Search Engine Optimization, I believe, is largely responsible for the dramatic increase in traffic to my site, resulting in an increase in profits for my business. The team at Keen are very easy to work with, think creatively and effectively communicate their ideas.
Brian Azzopardi


Our team of talented seo experts will help you get your website on the first page of google, where it deserves to be.

Your SEO Roadmap

Get Found and Start Driving Visitors to Your Website
SEO Malta

Keen SEO Service Outline Explained

Here’s how your website’s SEO Roadmap will look like. We have been perfecting this system for years and this same system helped hundreds of businesses to achieve huge growth and a significant increase in revenue.

1 Overview and Planning

The first step of every successful SEO campaign is learning more about your business, understanding better your products and services and identifying your main competitors in the marketplace.

2 Website Audit

All business websites we work with have flaws that need fixing. During our technical website audit phase, we crawl every piece of code on your website just like a search engine bot does. We produce a very detailed report with all the website issues and fixes that need to be implemented for your website to be 100% search engine compliant. Our report contains over 35 different on page factors. Without a proper website audit, your an SEO campaign will not be successful.


The Website Audit will determine which part of your website needs improving

3 Keyword Research

Our SEO team in Malta will gather the most relevant search phrases that people are typing into Google to find products and services you are selling. These search terms or keywords will include the search volumes and demographics. We run our proven keyword research proprietary method in order to determine how valuable these search terms are.

4 Reverse Engineering Top Competitors

We have specific tools that analyse your top competitor’s websites and digital marketing campaigns to find keywords they are ranking for, the overall authority of their website and any keywords they are bidding in with Google Adwords.

5 On page optimisation

After mapping out what pages are going to rank for which keywords, we optimise every individual page on your website to make sure search engines like Google understand what your page is about. We will optimise the meta title, meta description, H1, H2, alt text of images and recommend any changes that should be implemented to the content.

6 Content Strategy

Search engines can only read. Without a proper content strategy your SEO campaign will fail. Compelling content is what’s going to drive visitors and backlink mentions to your website. The content for your blog posts will be written by one of our in-house professional writers here at Keen Malta SEO.

7 Link acquisition

During the past years we have established relationships with some of the most influential websites worldwide and they allow us to publish valuable content on their website on a regular basis. They are especially valuable because a link represents a “vote of confidence” and is one of the major ranking factors that Google bot uses to determine which websites deserve to be on the first page. In simple terms, having high quality websites linking to your website, will add the overall value and credibility of your site. Please not the words High Quality Websites.

Some Guest Post Placements
For Our Brand

8 Analytics and Reporting

We are a very data driven SEO agency in Malta. Without analytics data one cannot set and measure KPI’s. Website traffic statistics and analytics will allow you to identify which marketing channel is producing the best results so you can now focus your resources and marketing budget on what is producing the best ROI for your business and cut out all the rest. We produce weekly ranking reports and monthly website analytics reports in a simple to understand format.

Our Reporting Solution - Google Data Studio Report

SEO services Malta & Analytics

Why work with us?

We get consistent results for our clients - With Google’s increasingly intelligent algorithms SEO has become very technical. However we are constantly keeping an eye on SEO trends and our ethical framework has proven to get websites more organic traffic. And we have proof. Our SEO Malta agency has helped more than 30 businesses all over the globe, increase their revenue and customer base.
ROI focused campaigns - Our SEO Malta services are affordable enough for You to get a great ROI from your search engine optimization investment.
Transparency and expertise - The SEO campaign for your website will be search engine compliant to stand the test of time.

Now we are going to make it easy for your website and brand to be found by people looking for products and services that you offer.

Stop Losing Leads and Sales to your competition.

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How long does it take to see results from SEO?
It depends on a few different factors like what niche your website is in, the strength of your competition, the strength of your website and the popularity of your brand.
How much does an SEO campaign costs?
Once again it depends on the strength of your competition and the strength of your website i.e if there has been any great SEO campaigns done in the past. We analyse the top 10 competitors in your industry and calculate how much resources are required to overtake them in search engines.
Why is SEO important for my business?
It’s a known fact that everyone uses search engines (mostly Google) to find solutions they need. Which means that search engine optimization is crucial for your exposure and business growth.
How do search engines determine which websites should be on the first page?
A search engine crawls your business website and it’s algorithm gives an overall score to your website on over 70 different ranking metrics.
What is the difference between Google Adwords and Google organic listing?
With Google adwords (pay per click) you bid for search phrases, the highest bidder generally gets a listing on top of the search results. While Google adwords is a great source of traffic, organic search traffic will be cheaper in the long term and will drive more quality traffic to your site.
How do I find the right keywords to rank for my website?
At Keen we use different tools like ahrefs, semrush and the google keyword tool itself. We also use these tools to find keywords that similar websites are ranking for. Basically the best converting keywords will have some sort of buyer intent. I.e Service + location, product name, product name + review, best + product + location etc etc.
Is website loading speed an important SEO factor?
Yes it is. If your website speed is not up to industry standard, search engines will most probably penalise you for that. Also, your visitors might bounce back and visit one of your competitors website especially if they are on their mobile phones.
Can Google ads improve my website rankings?
While Google ads have no impact on the rankings of your site, these can be used as a short term strategy to start driving visitors to your website instantly until your SEO campaign takes off.
I am publishing great content on my website, why is my website no on the first page?
To rank high in Google it is important to have good quality, compelling content. But that is just one of the ranking factors that search engines look at. The recipe for better rankings is a combination of many ranking factors, mainly, good quality content and High Authority backlinks to your website.
Can Social Media impact SEO in a positive way?
Social media will help you increase your online presence but there is very little correlation between traffic from social media to your website and ranking improvements.
My rankings decreased over time, why?
This can be for several different reasons, most common factors are; 1. Links from low quality websites to your site 2. Increase competition 3. Changes on your website especially content related.
Why am I getting traffic to my website but no leads or sales?
With conversion, there is a lot of different factors that comes in play. Web design, content copy, and call to actions are very important. We help clients make their website work smarter by with the implementation of Conversion Rate Optimization. Click here to learn more.
Is there any future in SEO?
YES, as long as search engines exist, SEO will never die. People go on search engines to look for products and services they need. Our SEO services will help you grow your business and customer base
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