Mobile App Development

Technology has become a portable affair, and everything nowadays runs on the small screen we call the mobile or smart device.

For this purpose, our agency, which is based in Malta, also provides mobile app development. With a mobile app, you can reach a specific type of audience. This can help you widen your reach whilst providing a service. Our mobile app development team includes web designers and web developers who work closely with the project manager in order to fulfil all of the client’s expectations.

Mobile apps can be designed and developed for different kinds of businesses. The best mobile apps are those that are ‘useful’ to the client. If a mobile app is not useful in some way, whether that is informational, educational, entertaining or providing some specific service (like online booking, e-commerce, etc) then it will not be used by the client. In fact, when developing a mobile app, one also needs to devise a strategy about how to move customers to download and use the Mobile App itself.

At Keen Malta, we have the expertise to develop custom mobile applications based on your needs, no matter how simple or complex. Whether your project requires PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS or web services integration, our expert App developers can create the perfect app to bridge the gap between you and your customers to keep them connected wherever they go. Our mobile app development services don’t concentrate on any one platform; instead, we bring knowledge and expertise on all major platforms thus allowing us to offer our clients the best solution on the best platform at the best price.

Our App development team can build mobile app solution across iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. We take note of each platform’s hardware and software capacity and optimise your app functionality for each specific device be it tablet or mobile. Winsome mobile design and premium user-friendly mobile app development will increase the engagement of your users and drive more traffic towards your brand. Through strategic planning and extensive research, we map out your brand’s tailor-made solutions to humanise your branding and maximise functionalities so that the users who download your app keep coming back.