A conjunction of passion for the unprecedented, a healthy can-do-attitude and our local network strikes.

At Keen, we enjoy working closely with you to plan your promotional or corporate event in order to successfully promote your brand, your product launch or your services. As experienced event planners, we aim at strengthening your brand and conveying the message intended prolifically.

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Event Organisation starts by collecting and assessing all the logistics needed for a given event. We are fully equipped to deliver an integrated and targeted plan for your event, conceptualise, develop, advertise, manage and pull together a well-managed function which delivers on time and within the allocated budget. From press conferences, meetings, promotional events to product launches, participation in trade shows and networking events we can deliver to the highest standard. We strategically research and plan every detail and combine production and execution capabilities to completely market your event to the right audience. Our aim is to get your clients under the same roof to facilitate interaction and make them truly understand your company’s value for their own objectives. At Keen, events are taken seriously simply because we understand that nothing can beat a face-to-face encounter for creating a memorable association with your brand. Our event organisation and event management services also factor any Promotional Products, Design and Printing that may complement your efforts. Event Management is a highly-thought out process and whilst drafting and executing a comprehensive event plan can be challenging, the end result is as rewarding as inspiring for the consecutive marketing efforts of the brand.

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