Conversion Optimisation

Let’s crunch some numbers and break some sales records

At Keen we consider data as a crucial element to back up any actions that need to be taken in order to better a website performance. When looking at performance it is inevitable to examine the terminology of User Experience and Conversion Optimisation (CRO).

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In our Digital Marketing Agency, key performance indicators define the direction so our team ensures that we are monitoring are the correct objectives for your business. Backed up with the valuable Web Analytics set up i.e. Google analytics, we would start monitoring the average conversion rate, the average order value and the revenue per visitor amongst others before proceeding to the next stage of optimisation through UX and CRO. The aim of UX is to improve the design of a site so that it is simpler, more coherent and more user-friendly to make site navigation as easy as possible for the prospects to inquire or purchase. While prioritising user experience over aesthetically pleasing design is an essential point, avoiding clutter in order to make your objective and message stand out is as crucial. Our team of Conversion experts gets excited about the right fonts and colour schemes for your specific target market or industry. We vouch that multiple access points help users to move around in your pages and enable prospects to take actions at various points. There are many more points to observe, test, analyse and eventually improve such as refined Copy-writing, providing credibility and eliminating friction barriers to instil a feeling of trust which eventually helps convert clients. Let’s improve your user’s experiences and increase sales with customer-centric web enhancements implying Digital Analytics, Custom Design and Web Development.
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