What defines and differentiates a company from the rest of its competitors is the brand and what it represents.

At Keen, we believe that branding is not just about creating a name for yourself, but about standing out from the crowd and being fearlessly authentic with regards to your business credentials.

As a branding agency in Malta, we work closely with our clients to help them develop a distinct corporate identity – one which is unique, fresh and innovative in an ever-growing competitive media environment. As already mentioned, branding is more than just the name; it is what the company strives for and which is usually entrenched in the mission statement; their reputation, and what quality they provide. Branding is really about what is encapsulated in your mark – from the mission statement to the logo, from the corporate guidelines to the company’s purpose.

At Keen, we believe that when building your brand, the logo design is the basic building block of any brand as this is what will sink in the mind of your customers.  This is how you will be recognised and identified in a densely populated marketplace. We put a lot of effort and pride in designing logos that are unique and that will stand the test of time. The hallmark of great logo design is coming up with an eye-catching logo which will stick into people’s minds, make them remember it, associate it with your brand every time they see it and that it will still be relevant in the future.  We are keen on creating corporate identities that stand the test of time.

Whether you’re starting up or just want to revamp your brand, we can help you achieve what you need. At Keen, your branding is our priority and since we are a fully fledged marketing agency, the branding for your company has never been this easy. We start by understanding who you are as a business, who are your target customers and also focusing on your products and service and what is the unique value proposition that you are offering. The logo will define your corporate identity and therefore it is the core of any branding exercise. Ultimately all materials and campaigns that are produced for your company will carry the logo and therefore it is essential to be sure that the logo does indeed communicate the company’s brand values and credentials to your customers and stakeholders.