Penetrating New Markets

Client: Distinct Homes
The Challenge:
Distinct Homes wanted to extend their business to the Maltese market after having set up shop for a number of years in Gozo. They wanted to penetrate the market successfully so Keen was entrusted with this project.
The Solution:
Intense research on the industry competition in Malta was undertaken in order to determine where Distinct Homes would fit in and to define the marketing approach to best achieve the company objectives. A re-branding was needed in order to achieve the company goals. This inadvertently meant a website redesign which was needed to accommodate the new challenge that the company was embarking on and to reflect the brand values. The website has been designed and developed around the principle that it is the main vessel from where all communication flows. This enables Distinct Homes to keep the website dynamic, instantly updated with the latest stock arriving at the showrooms. By applying this frame of thought for social media, an online strategy was put in place and customers have now built trust in the digital communication carried out by Distinct Homes

In order to reach the target audience an offline marketing approach was applied to complement the ongoing online strategy. The style of advertising for print media goes hand in hand with the recent re-branding and the new look and feel the company has adopted. The style is modern with emphasis on the visual aspect and merchandise.

Vehicle Wrapping

The re-branding has been rolled out throughout all aspects of the brand from various signage at the Malta showroom, to corporate stationery, business cards and even vehicle wrapping. This was important in order to be able to show a consistent branding strategy.