Web Development

Our team of Malta-based web developers focuses their time and skills to taking your website to the next level.

From micro platforms to e-Commerce websites, whatever your needs may be, at Keen we deliver the strategic recommendations and create the type of websites which will help you reach your objectives, ensuring our website development services are amongst the best in Malta.

A website has become such a powerful tool that an organisation cannot do without in order to communicate with its existing and prospective customers. Through usability, innovative Web design, optimising for different device use and creating multiple forms of engagement, we develop dynamic websites that reinforce each client’s brand, encourage visitors further on, and produce quality leads that result in conversions. We also provide site hosting exclusively to our clients.

A good website needs to be frequently updated and maintained in order to be relevant. We develop SEO-friendly websites making sure that the best SEO tools are applied, and highly effective. You can take control of your website with a content management system, which is a web application that allows publishing, editing, modifying, organising and maintaining data from a central interface, that is easily handled by everyone. The CMS system we vouch by is WordPress as it is not only one of the least complex to use from a web developers’ perspective, but it is also very easy to control and handle from the client’s side. In fact, content management systems, like WordPress, allow site owners, administrators, web designer and developers along with content creators to easily update, fix, and implement any content or design updates and changes.

Another vital factor, when it comes to development, is website responsive development. The latter has gained popularity ever since the incessant use of smart technological devices. Nowadays businesses can no longer afford to ignore the path technology and customers choose. This approach is aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience which includes easy reading and navigation. Keen is a web agency that offers a comprehensive mobile strategy with cutting edge design and maximised functionality to build the best customer experience on any device.

At Keen, our job will not stop with the development and launch of the website but we will also setup your website analytics so that you can monitor progress regularly to see how your website is delivering. Our team of experts gladly assists with Digital Analytics and Reporting services for your online presence.