Strategic Planning

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and just like Rome, at Keen, we don’t just click our fingers and create. The first exercise of any successful project is understanding the full scenario of the client’s operation.

It is essential to understand the clients’ product or service being sold, the customers, the competitors and other key players which are of strategic relevance in the marketing environment. Our team located in Malta, enjoy getting to know your business and the target market where you want to flourish. We make sure our clients know that we comprehend them fully and that we are on the same wavelength and understand their objectives.

Strategic planning helps us to identify opportunities, gaps and even threats that need to be considered when formulating a new blueprint to take the company forward in this highly competitive world in which we are living. We will come up with a list of ideas that will help reach the intended strategic goals and then these ideas are evaluated to determine which best matches the business at hand.

Ultimately we end up with a plan of all the tactics that will be used. These will incorporate elements of the marketing mix that need to be updated, improved, adjusted or brought into the picture. This will lead to plans with promotional ideas, advertising ideas, PR ideas and customer relationship management ideas. All these will be charted out in minute detail.

Once the strategic plan is rolled out, we also monitor, measure, and evaluate the results to see where we progressed and where we can work harder to achieve more. Thus, we do not just develop products and services, we strategically plan, come up with a brand strategy and seek where and how to promote it. Strategic planning is not just a one-time thing, but rather an ongoing process where marketing strategies are put into place. As part of our strategic plan, we believe that consistency in marketing is one of the key aspects when dealing with any client for any type of business.

Thanks to our highly-thought out strategic marketing strategy, we have a good roadmap that serves as a project plan  that ensures we stay focused on achieving the desired final result.