Social Media

No marketing plan is complete without an injection of Social Media tactics.

It is true that not all social media platforms are for every target market and one of the key elements of successful social media marketing is identifying the right social media platform on which to be present. Currently, the digital marketing experts consider Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google + as the big 7 of social media marketing.

At Keen Malta, we offer social media management and take the extra step to get to know you and your business. In turn, this helps us to determine our plan for the social media marketing strategy. We are also aware that social media is used by millions of people worldwide, and thus through social media, you can communicate your business to the world. We care about building your social public persona on social media, and it’s amazing how effective it can be. From finding and thinking about the most appropriate username for your corporate identity profile to the social media monitoring and content writing, we work closely with our clients to provide them with the best social PR.

Being a digital agency providing 360 degrees online marketing solutions, at Keen, we believe that marketing your business through the high profile and relevant social media platforms is key for any success. Indeed, the probability of a customer to search online social media platforms, especially Facebook, for a specific company is high. Social media is one of the world’s largest advertising platforms and an action-driven interactive environment.  In fact, nowadays we also know that social media plans need to incorporate an element of ‘paid’ social media marketing. At Keen, we adopt a holistic integrated approach towards social media management and we believe that an essential part of the activity is the online monitoring. In order to be highly effective, social media online marketing needs to identify the current important trends and opportunities which ensure that the social media campaigns are strategically planned. Indeed, our social media marketing strategy is proven to be effective as it increases targeted visitors thus ensuring better and lasting investment which is proven through our monthly reports of social media analytics. 

Businesses trust us with preparing their social media marketing plan and sharing their stories across social media channels to reach and engage with their target market. So whether you’re looking for a one-off campaign including Facebook advertising or an ongoing Social Media marketing plan, look no further.