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Meet your new friends Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat [:)]

Complete your digital marketing efforts with the right injection of Social Media tactics. The strategic communication planning and valuable content creation unfold in the vivid world of Social Media.

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It is true that not all social media platforms are for every target market and one of the key elements of successful Social Media Marketing is identifying the right social media platform on which to be present. Currently, the digital marketing experts consider Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google + as the big 7 of Social Media Marketing. At Keen Malta, we offer Social Media Management that brings results and take the extra step to fully immerse in your business. In return, this helps us to determine a successful Social Media Marketing Strategy which may involve Snapchat or even a Chat bots, meaning Artificial Intelligence. The probability of a customer searching your business on social media platforms, especially Facebook or LinkedIn is high therefore we gladly assist you to shape up your social presence and engage with your audience. Whilst social media channels represent one of the world’s largest Advertising platform, at Keen, we adopt a holistic integrated approach towards Social Media Management and Marketing. The Key element is a Social Media Plan, which ropes in paid social media efforts as needed, Content Marketing, Design and social media analytics on the way to garner more engagement and conversions. Through it all, we keep in mind that SM is not a one-way street but rather relevant as a customer care and marketing research channel. 
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