Despite the rise of various advertising means such as social media advertising, and radio advertising, outdoor advertising remains strong.

Billboard advertising in Malta is an important way of reaching the local audience.

The modern, sturdy billboard structures whether in the form of a digital billboard or a static one, ensures more visibility of your message or brand. When it comes to choosing the best outdoor advertising means, a billboard is your sure bet. If you are looking to advertise to the general public, without having a target group, opt for a billboard rental. Not only is the billboard noticeable by pedestrians and drivers, but it is free to all potential clients. Nowadays, people spend more time on the road than in front of a TV, so advertising on a billboard is guaranteed success.

Our billboard messages remain in the same place for a minimum of one month, and people who are constantly passing by them every day get to see the same brand or message numerous times. Indeed, billboards are a constant reminder to the public that your brand is fully out there. This in turns ensures that your brand will gain the respect it deserves regardless of whether the driver or passerby has heard of it before or not. This attention-grabbing means of advertising is an ideal way of boosting your corporate identity through branding from all angles.

At Keen, we provide billboard renting in Malta and Gozo. Being a digital advertising agency, we can also design your message suited for billboards with striking visuals and powerful wording. Our goal is to capture the driver’s attention with our billboards located in prime locations.

In Gozo, our billboards are placed right next to Gozo Football Stadium. This is a guarantee that the considerable amount of traffic coming to Victoria from the direction of Xewkija on a daily basis will notice the billboards. At Keen, we have two types of billboards – Backlit and Rotating, both of which are MEPA-approved.

Billboard advertising is a sure way to capture attention!