We research, exchange ideas, write scripts and drink a lot of coffee, but our final result is based on precision and strategic planning.

As a digital agency with a team of graphic designers based in Malta, we don’t only care about the means of communication to advertise your brand, at Keen we have the tools necessary for a successful promotion through visual multimedia means.

Our creative team and production experts excel in copywriting, digital graphics, photography, voice-overs, video editing, and script writing. So whether it’s television advertising, radio advertising, online streaming media, YouTube videos or other multimedia projects, we have the technical expertise which will create a story that people are willing to talk about and share. Our multimedia presentations will guarantee that we deliver your message accurately and wisely through the best media platforms.

In our fast-paced world, marketers now believe and have proof that the greatest power lies in video.  Videos still have the power to capture the audience more than most other channels. This is why we have seen the rise of so many more video-based adverts online. From the initial storyboarding to the final production, we handle all the details. We have access to talented narrators for voice-overs and musicians for custom melodies to accompany your message. Other production resources include models, actors, stylists and studios. Whether your commercial uses computer-generated art or live acting, our team can design and produce your masterpiece from scratch to give you that wow factor you desire.  Your multimedia presentation can also factor custom-created cartoon work, animations and 3D work.

Radio advertising can communicate your brand message like no other medium… and without busting the budget. Whether you are looking for high energy power shots, funny commercials or emotional messages, we can produce ads for radio that get attention and are remembered. We have a vast sound and music library and can also provide a custom production making every spot just right. Turnaround time is fast and quality is guaranteed.

Through multimedia, we aim at captivating your audience with powerful words and striking visuals. Indeed, we recognise your brand’s potential and evoke powerful emotional responses which connect you with your customers. We take care at bringing your image to life and we have the expertise to make sure you succeed.

As part of our routine work we also prepare different types of digital assets for our clients like animated advertising banners to be used online, special illustrations or artwork in digital format to be used in blog posts and social media platforms and any other interactive multimedia widgets that are used on websites or Mobile Apps.