Digital Analytics & Reporting

Taking effective company decisions based on precise data insights and analysis.

At Keen Malta, we assure and empower a depth analysis of any digital product or service provided to help our clients understand digital behaviours, trends and how their customers are responding to them. Ultimately it’s all about being more equipped to take better decisions.

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We at Keen, empower companies’ strategic business decision with the help of advanced data analytics. Our team is backend up with most recent tools and software’s required to collect precise data, both quantitatively and qualitatively, and deliver accurate reports for commercial recommendations. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we scrutinize website data and examine reports sourcing from Social Media Platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest. This data helps us to identify patterns in digital experience consumption and from this vantage point, one can plan tactics that are needed for Conversion Optimisation or other related KPI’s which eventually lead to quick wins or major gains. Ultimately it’s about being more equipped to take better decisions. Analytical Reporting provides ongoing reviews and analysis on our clients’ website traffic and online marketing campaigns which is the backbone of all decisions taken at our marketing agency.  We make use of the digital analytics cycle: measure, analyse, report, and test.  At Keen we also provide complementing services of developing customised reports, designing annual statistics and Printing for customers.
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