Digital Analytics & Reporting

With the online world having taken over our businesses and lives, digital analytics is a definite necessity if you plan on succeeding.

At Keen Malta, we analyse anything which is online and create reports to help clients understand what is happening to their business online and how their customers are responding to them. Through reporting and analytics, we help clients understand the generated traffic to their online website or social media platforms, the searches for their brand, check their conversion path, and let our clients know where they should improve. Also, through this service, we customize reports  to include our clients’ sales and growth data to help their business develop further.

Through advanced data analytics, we have at hand all the tools needed and all third party software necessary in order to collect all possible data online for our clients’ businesses both quantitatively and qualitatively. As a digital marketing agency, we sift through the website data but we will also look at data coming through Facebook and other social media platforms like Pinterest.  This data helps us to identify patterns in digital experience consumption and from this point one can plan tactics that are needed for improvement(like higher site conversions and lower bounce rates) and points which can lead to quick wins or major gains. Ultimately it’s about being more equipped to take better decisions.

Through digital analytics, we improve clients’ quality of strategic planning and business decisions by providing them with in-depth analysis of all existing information about their business online. Analytics reporting provides ongoing reports and analysis on our clients’ website traffic stats and online marketing campaigns and this is the backbone of all the decisions as a digital marketing agency.  We make use of the digital analytics cycle: measure, analyse, report, and test.  When requested, at Keen we also provide additional services to create customised reports for customers. In this way, we also ensure that the business manager is not swamped in data but is looking at the relevant nuggets of data that will help him or her take the best decision.