As an advertising and marketing agency located in Malta, we are in the business to help your business and services thrive by directing clients towards you.

We believe that advertising and marketing strategies go hand in hand and complement each other. As marketers, we analyse the market and identify the client’s requirements and as advertisers, we choose the mediums necessary to publicly notify and generate more business towards our clients.

We can help you decide upon the optimal advertising mix. One great advantage of working with us as a company providing marketing services is that we have expertise both in the online or digital platforms and the traditional advertising channels. We can, therefore, plan and execute advertising campaigns that span a wide range of media platforms, including billboards, magazines, newspapers, television broadcasts, radio shows, email marketing, Google advertising, Facebook advertising, and other social media advertising channels.

Marketing guru Seth Godin claims that ‘Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell’. Indeed so, and as one of Malta’s marketing and advertising agencies, we have grown throughout the years and constantly adapt to the changes taking place throughout the media platform, especially when it comes to digital advertising means. At Keen, we aim at selling your business through an interesting story which will help you connect with your clients. Eventually, each media platform chosen to advertise such a story has its own different tactics which require thought and strategic planning.

Our advertising ideas require strategic planning, precision, and knowledge of the whole media market. Our marketing strategies, promotional ideas, and advertising knowledge, in fact, ensure effective scheduling of your advertisements through the media platforms for guaranteed visibility.

In all our advertising work, we try to ensure that our adverts are designed in a way that they take your clients or potential clients through a journey from awareness about the product to the point of action. This involves factoring the exposure that that is required and the different touchpoints in the customer journey. Whatever the method of communication, we aim at advertising your ideas whilst maximising brand awareness. From compelling visuals to content writing, we create a personal story for your brand and market it with the aim of attracting more customers towards the business which ultimately will take them to buying your product or make use of your service.

As an advertising agency in Malta, we understand the local market, a market that at times is highly competitive. We continuously strive to understand the trends of marketing in Malta and this means recognising that consumer behaviour is changing and has been impacted and changed radically over the past few years. However, our work as a marketing company has taken our team outside Malta’s shores and we have been the major players in several international projects.