Save time - Save Money - Win a Partner - Outsource to Keen

Keen’s outsourcing services cover the full spectrum of a Digital Marketing Agency and can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

Why decline a request just because you are too busy? It happens to us, so we are looking for a working relationship! Save money! Gain quality time! Work with a reliable, experienced and internationally well-positioned partner, and drive your company to the next level of success. Outsourcing is the key!

Keen has put together a varied and highly skilled team of web designers and developers to help evolve each project to its optimum. We speak your language, work within a similar time zone, in an efficient and confidential manner according to the guidelines given.  To ensure the highest level of security, communication and quality, we produce all our work in-house and may also sign an NDA.

We truly believe that mutual collaboration is of great benefit for both parties and are open to creating outsourcing partnerships with companies all over the world.  Boost your profits without enlarging your team or client base.

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