Care and Cure
Awareness Campaign

Client: Mater Dei Hospital
The Challenge:
The Management of Mater Dei Hospital highlighted the essential need to raise nationwide awareness on the visiting hours and visiting guidelines in an effort to provide a better experience for all patients, visitors, and hospital staff.
The Solution:
An integrated marketing communications campaign addressing the different age groups, and involvement by the various target audience and behaviours was employed to reach the single objective effectively by utilizing diverse media channels, appealing visuals and targeted messages to drive the message home.

The branding was undertaken from the very start, echoing through the whole process and the visuals that were created thereafter. The style of branding is clean and modern, reflecting the hospital environment yet it emits a cheerful feel by making use of colours and illustrations. Combining Care and Cure as two essential aspects influenced by the manifold user groups helps reflect on the importance of both the caregiver and caretaker and thus in the name itself embracing the essence of this project.

The strategic planning process kicked in as soon as the concept of the campaign was formulated. Comprehensive research and analysis on location were crucial in order to understand better and create a suitable and more effective solution to benefit all. The comprehensive Care and Cure campaign included on-site signage, a patient information booklet and ward guideline signage. Extending beyond the hospital itself there was TV advertising, magazine adverts, and a website to include all relevant information.

Behind the Scenes