The Web Summit 2016 Roundup

Earlier this month, some of our team members attended the Web Summit in Lisbon. They’ve come back fully energized with a stream of ideas.  Following are the key highlights from an event that was bursting with content.

  • The Facebook Forecast – Ten years from now, the aim of the social media platform will still be that of connecting people. Looming large in this scenario is the fact that this entails connecting 4.1 billion people and the challenges it poses; the aspects that are linked with Artificial Intelligence in the hope that AI will help us deal with the tidal wave of information that we face and the window of opportunity that Virtual Reality can provide when connecting people together in a rich real-time experience.
  • Top Concern of Privacy – As can be expected, there was a great discussion about privacy, revolving around whether it is worth sacrificing our privacy for the benefits of technology. There is no doubt that technology has ‘super powers’ in terms of capturing the information about technology users and thus stronger and more robust privacy enforcing mechanisms are needed in order to navigate the future.
  • The Goodness of Bots – A lot has changed since the times of scripted bots and today bots are advancing in a way that makes them more usable in digital assistance (AI powered digital assistance) and platforms (like the Messenger platform).  Bots are actually one way of bridging the gap that exists in mobile web and Apps.
  • Virtual Reality, Gaming and Entertainment – The evolution of play will naturally rope in more and more Virtual Reality (VR) that will lead to more intense and immersive but possibly shorter gaming experiences.  The Pokemon Go Creators also discussed their ideas about the world’s next biggest game!
  • The Revolutionary Hyperloop – The revolutionary Hyperloop is meant to be a futuristic high-speed transport system for transporting people and cargo. At first glance it looks like a page out of a science fiction but the whole concept might be closer to reality once the funding and framework of regulatory processes needed are in place.

Apart from the above, there were a variety of other topics that they enjoyed. Aspects like open source philosophy, the future of work in mobile world,  and marketing were brought up. All in all the Web Summit experience was a great one for us people who love the industry and it remains one great opportunity to rub shoulders from people who represent the big names like Google, Facebook. BMW, Playstation, Manchester United, Gitlab, Autodesk, etc.