Vacation Marketing Tactics

With so many foreign writers and travellers proclaiming our islands as one of the top-world destinations that should be on the bucketlist, we cannot help but try to give some hints and tips to the many different types of business who operate in the tourism sector in our islands.

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Internship for Design & Marketing

Our international team of experts is constantly looking for creative minds, enthusiastic doers and fresh techies. We are a digital marketing agency located in the heart of the Mediterranean offering a sunny, safe and adventurous place to grow within a talented and passionate team.

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Personalised Chatbots: Your new business assistant

Do you wish to engage directly with your clients and guide them as they make their holiday plans?  Do you like to make sure that they receive a personalised service through Facebook Messenger that ultimately seals the deal and ends up in a booking?

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The successful candidate should be confident to develop integrated marketing strategies and digital campaigns, provide web and mobile app solutions and manage events together with an experienced team of passionate creatives:
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E-Commerce Grant Scheme

If you are a micro business, a small or medium-sized enterprise, now is the time to gear up your digital presence.

Do you know that through the e-Commerce Grant Scheme you can be eligible for up to a maximum grant of €5,000 financing up to 50% of eligible expenditure?

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How to bring the right customers to your door step.

In traditional business, no one sits in an empty shop hoping for customers to come in without taking a proactive stance.  Customers need to know about the shop and there has to be something that interests them and motivates them to visit the establishment. The same is true in the online world.

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Keen – it’s about a positive work space!

Recently one of the newer members of our team at Keen commented that one of the best things is the positive work space. Here we’re trying, to sum up what is behind this positive work space!

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Indulge in some Vini e Capricci…

Abraham commissioned Keen to come up with the best online solution for Vini e Capricci following the brand’s expansion into new markets.

After initial research it was concluded to allocate a new domain to the brand Vini e Capricci which has along the years gathered traction and is now thriving as a brand separate from its sister company, Abraham’s Supplies.

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Consumption of the Visual – Instagram

As a design company, we are very much aware that the first step towards making a sale is really about what hits the eye. If the design, visual or photo is compelling, then there is a bigger chance that sometime down the line, you can conclude a sale!

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