Work…making it work!

Let’s face it…spending eight or more hours sitting on your desk hearing the clickety-clacking of all the keyboards in your office may sound quite tedious. And imagine that the only place you can walk to in your office is the bathroom. That would make it even worse.

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Have you heard what Facebook’s going to be doing?

Frequently we get rounds that Mr Zuckerberg made an announcement. Most of the time, these are just scams, but Thursday’s announcement of Facebook’s owner is truly worth noting by all those who work in the digital sphere.

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2018 is here and GDPR is here to stay too! – Keen Malta

Now that we’ve partied and we’re trying to get on track with diets or healthy eating, it’s also time to come to terms with the GDPR. As a digital agency that has helped many businesses set up online shops and Apps, we feel it’s important to bring this topic to your radar. Read more

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

A Christmas Marketing Guide

The season of joy is just two months away, but from a business perspective, no firm has two months left for Christmas.  This is because your Christmas message and offers need to be out there at least a month before Christmas.  In practical business terms, there is only one month left.   If you’re still thinking of mounting a Christmas campaign, it’s time to really make a dash for it!

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Why the right Choice of Typography is integral to your Business

In the history of marketing, typography has often remained a neglected tool. The choice of fonts seem harmless but, the typeface and the images along with the catchy phrases do majorly impact our perception.  So think again, typography is very important both for your content and for your brand positioning. Read more

How time spent juggling Social Media transforms into undeniable ROI

If truth is told, there are few marketing managers who have not at some point or other complained about the amount of time that Social Media seems to engulf.  From creating content, posting the right type of quality material, to recruiting, engaging and interacting with followers, not to mention monitoring competitors, Social Media is truly time-consuming!  Read more

Influencing your customers with the right marketing tactic

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell’, claims the American marketer Seth Godin. In today’s competitive day and age, marketing habits have changed in order to be relevant to the society that we are living in. Indeed, social media’s explosive growth over the past few years have challenged the way companies affront marketing campaigns.
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Where’s the Weakest Link? Protecting your clients’ data matters!

For most of us, IT is a given, a facet of the 21st century that is taken for granted. The confidence that we have in the technology that surrounds us provides us with a vibe to dream and a springboard from which to undertake new  strategies and digital projects forward. Yet behind every strategy, there’s a lot of thought (or at least there SHOULD BE) dedicated to protecting the clients’ data.
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Traffic. A never-ending issue leading to one solution…more roads to convert.

The late famous actor, Robin Williams once asked: “Why do you call it rush hour when nothing moves?” Well, thinking about it makes a lot of sense and when relating it to the digital marketing world we’re into, it immediately connects to Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), a modern approach to boost a website performance. Traffic means business. But imagine you’re stuck in a jam for hours leading to a city center and then when you think you’ve reached your destination, you spend another hour looking for a parking space. Most probably, you will either surrender and go back home or else you do half of what you’ve planned.

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