Where’s the Weakest Link? Protecting your clients’ data matters!

For most of us, IT is a given, a facet of the 21st century that is taken for granted. The confidence that we have in the technology that surrounds us provides us with a vibe to dream and a springboard from which to undertake new  strategies and digital projects forward. Yet behind every strategy, there’s a lot of thought (or at least there SHOULD BE) dedicated to protecting the clients’ data.
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The User Experience – An Essential in 2017

We have recently mentioned how Keen exploits the User Experience combined with the Conversion Optimization in the article named “Why it pays to be a data nerd?”. When one starts looking at data, it often becomes obvious that the next step is delving into the User Experience.

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Indulge in some Vini e Capricci…

Abraham commissioned Keen to come up with the best online solution for Vini e Capricci following the brand’s expansion into new markets.

After initial research it was concluded to allocate a new domain to the brand Vini e Capricci which has along the years gathered traction and is now thriving as a brand separate from its sister company, Abraham’s Supplies.

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Gear Up for a Digital Boost in 2017 – Essential Web Maintenance

The majority of business owners understand the importance of having a website however after the actual website launch, the crucial web-maintenance is often ignored or sidelined. If your site isn’t regularly checked and updated, you may be losing valuable clients, which eventually impacts your business’ bottom line. Read more

Are you reaching your audience on mobile?

There’s no denying that your audience is on mobile.  This is a very important point to take note of because one needs to craft a strategy that incorporates valid mobile touch points that help the user on his customer journey. Read more

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