GDPR: The pains & gains for marketing your business in 2018

At the beginning of this year, we did already provide a detailed overview what the General Data Protection Regulation (short for GDPR) entails and has in store for all website owners/users.

The key aim of the GDPR is to process data from private people in a lawful and transparent manner.

Now it is time to analyze what all these changes mean for Digital Marketing and business owners.

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A Short Guide to Live Chat and why you should use it

Whilst browsing online, you must have seen those little speech bubbles, pop-ups, or simple buttons, mostly found in the lower right corner of a website. These are known as live chats and nowadays, many websites opt to have them. Keep on reading and you will find out why.

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How to bring the right customers to your door step.

In traditional business, no one sits in an empty shop hoping for customers to come in without taking a proactive stance.  Customers need to know about the shop and there has to be something that interests them and motivates them to visit the establishment. The same is true in the online world.

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