A unique point of view.  Using Facebook Messenger ads to find your audience.

At Keen Ltd, our team are regularly commissioned to assist new businesses at a crucial time in their trading when they are launching themselves into the marketplace.  Quite often these businesses have devoted a lot of time and energy into developing and perfecting their product, but need our help to find and grow their customer base.  The companies we work with are 100% confident of their venture or product, but reach out to us to help them find and secure consumers for their particular product or service.

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Benefits of having an Instagram Business Account

The digital phenomenon has swept the technological era of its feet and with visuals and multimedia sparking engagement and interaction, one can frankly state that the IT social media platform of the moment is Instagram. With over 800 million monthly active users and 500 million daily active users, this platform serves as the base for the constant rise of visual interaction, inspiration, and a means of self-expression.

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How time spent juggling Social Media transforms into undeniable ROI

If truth is told, there are few marketing managers who have not at some point or other complained about the amount of time that Social Media seems to engulf.  From creating content, posting the right type of quality material, to recruiting, engaging and interacting with followers, not to mention monitoring competitors, Social Media is truly time-consuming!  Read more

Rain or shine, social CRM is a gold mine!

In the early days of social media, many training sessions about Social Media included discussions about what happens when a customer posts a complaint on social media. Whilst everyone was delighted when compliments were dished out, very few knew how to handle the posts that had some negative connotations appropriately and how to turn these into an opportunity, showcasing the companies’ philosophy and gaining trust.  Read more

Are you reaching your audience on mobile?

There’s no denying that your audience is on mobile.  This is a very important point to take note of because one needs to craft a strategy that incorporates valid mobile touch points that help the user on his customer journey. Read more

A, B, C of Social Media

Many think that starting out on Social Media is an easy thing and it is. It is the strategizing and juggling it to keep the social media presences alive that make the task a little complicated.  The basic idea here is the social media is about community and a silent community is a dead (and hence useless community)! Read more

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