How to rank #1 in Google in 2019

Ranking on the first page of Google is very important for any business to acquire new customers. Search is the great intent marketing vehicle of our time. People go on Google and other search engines to solve problems, and find products and services they need.

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Website Audit – What is it? And Why do You Need One?

The benefits of a website audit

A website audit is an examination of the client’s website performance. Knowing exactly what to improve on your website and how is not always easy.  Our comprehensive website audit checklist includes more than 35+ on-page and off-page factors. We crawl the website exactly the same way search engine bots do.

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Mobile First Indexing is Here. Are You Well Prepared?

Mobile First Indexing by Google

On March 26th Google announced that they started migrating mobile-friendly websites to mobile first index.  Now Google will use the mobile version of your website to crawl (using their Smartphone Googlebot), index and determine your rankings in Google itself. It’s now official, if your website is not mobile friendly, and has slow loading speed, this will affect your search engine rankings and visibility in Google.

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Are you reaching your audience on mobile?

There’s no denying that your audience is on mobile.  This is a very important point to take note of because one needs to craft a strategy that incorporates valid mobile touch points that help the user on his customer journey. Read more

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